Corporate360 launches SmartWorker – A crowd source data platform for B2B data tasks.


SmartWorker is a SaaS based crowd sourcing data platform which offers businesses the opportunity to instantly turn on and avail vast pools of global data research executives for data acquisition, data enhancements, data enrichments and data maintenance at real-time for a fraction of your list purchasing budget. C360’s global workforce of 3-million+ online data researchers provides you access to a quality driven, data labour pool that is available 24/7/365 to populate and process data faster, cheaper and better than anybody else on the planet. With this innovative data platform and scalable global workforce, companies don’t have to deal with the hassle of old fashioned list purchases & data outsourcing projects. SmartWorker cleans up any amount of internal data instantly and maintain highest level of data accuracy real-time with ongoing data maintenance support. Sign up today for a pilot data project –

For remote workers, becoming a SmartWorker is easy! Information workers can just sign up on our website to create an account. We will give them access to online training videos and materials. This is to help researchers learn simple internet research techniques to produce quality data. Once the research orientation is completed (usually within 30 minutes), we will assign the data sets for tasks such as append, refresh, enhance, augment etc. The online workers will perform simple data tasks such as profiling companies, identifying contacts etc and submit data outputs in our Data Management system real-time. C360 Data quality teams will assess data sets submitted through a process driven data accuracy validation process and accept / reject based on data accuracy. SmartWorkers can track their tasks completed and generate reports to track their payment promptly. All of this is automated, It is simple as that! Be a SmartWorker today…

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