• How is C360 data sets licensed?
  • What is C360 data delivery model?
  • What if a contact is changed or email is bounced?
  • Is C360 compatible with CRM & Marketing automation tools?

C360 sales data is offered as yearly subscription service that provides unlimited data usage license and real-time data refresh. The data is delivered via SalesCloud platform upon signing of contract and invoice processing. C360 SalesCloud offers API’s for standard CRM & Marketing automation tools. The data sets are also offered in customer templates for batch uploads.

SalesCloud include a data error reporting feature at each account level which helps to report any outdated data and get real-time research support and updates.  An account manager will be assigned to channelize communication to ensure customer success. On-going data maintenance ensures highest level of data accuracy all time. Contact changes are tracked real-time. The sales data services is supported by a dedicated research team for each client, providing exclusive research support during subscription.

  • What is C360 data coverage?
  • Why C360?
  • Whats is C360 pricing model?

Global Coverage – 95% coverage of total addressable B2B market-place coverage from NALA, EMEA & APJ

Direct Pipeline leads –  IT initiatives such as cloud, upgrade, tech-refresh, new deployment, migration, enhancements, roll-out, integration, upsell-cross sell indicators etc

Competitive intelligence – Competitor Insight such as Installed product, version, modules, system status, system age, capacity, warranty expiry, end-of-life, support status, channel partner

Relevant contacts – IT management contacts responsible for Server & Storage systems, Data center, Cloud and IT Infrastructure, Database & Applications with real-time refresh, live updates & research-on-demand support

Sales Triggers – Lead Scoring powered by Big Data Analytics, Predictive Analysis, Patterns & IT Sales Research

Data Coverage – Data coverage of enterprise software, hardware and cloud users from North America, Europe & Asia region with enterprise profiles, 3 million+ IT contacts and technology installations. Our data cloud offers over 12000 enterprise software, hardware & cloud products being used by over 3 Million+ IT users across 70 million+ tech instances in 50 countries.

Benefits – Enrich CRM & Marketing platforms with actionable data, execute insight driven campaigns, accelerate pipeline creation and revenue growth

Pricing – We are flexible when it comes to pricing, and are happy to work with you to find a pricing model that fits with your marketing budget.

  • What is the accuracy level of C360 data sets?
  • How often C360 data sets are refreshed?
  • What is C360 data maintenance process?
  • How is C360 data different from other data vendors?

Embedded in the C360 research methodology are quality assurance checkpoints to identify outdated records and to ensure that all data fields are valid, accurate and complete. To ensure objectivity, a dedicated sales research team would be assigned to each client for day-to-day campaigns to perform data reviews and provide regular updates. The scope of the review is to investigate changes in key contacts and IT installation footprint.

The overall goal of C360’s Quality Assurance Review Program is to offer overall satisfaction with the customer data purchased. Through a well defined and proven 4-step data development process, C360 relies on our best-in-class tech intelligence research team to gather real-time updates and maintain high level of data accuracy. Our 70+ Inside Sales team makes 5000+ phone calls and speak with 3000+ IT executives on a daily basis to identify sales opportunities and update key contact and technology information.

C360 does not operate as an IT list vendor. We do not collect data from any third party list vendors. We do not re-sell third party data. We do not offer $ per contact pricing model. Our data sets are not offered through any data re-sellers. C360 is a technology market development consulting company offering B2B sales intelligence data services. We are exclusively focused on enterprise technology market-place. Our data sets offer actionable, insight driven sales & marketing campaign leads with real-time data refresh. Powered by predictive analytics, data features include Sales triggers, Lead score & Upsell-Cross sell indicators. IT contacts, IT Org charts & IT installation details are provided with ongoing data maintenance support. C360 offers global coverage of enterprise technology installed-base such as Servers, Storage, Networking, Cloud, ERP, CRM, SCM, BI, OS, Middleware, Database etc covering 95% of total addressable IT market from NALA, EMEA & APJ.

  • How does C360 gather data?
  • What is C360 data source?
  • What is C360 research process?
  • Does C360 data service include data compliance such as Opt-outs?
  • IS C360 a data re-seller?

With business research conducted for over 12 yrs in more than 50 countries covering 90% of global addressable B2B market place, we combine the benefits of technology specialization and IT research expertise to deliver powerful sales insights. Our customers have access to what we believe to be one of the best-in-class B2B sales research panels in the world. Through our pervasive presence in the IT information marketplace, we have amassed the broadest and deepest database of people who make or influence purchasing decisions for their IT projects. Our data is compiled using several in-house IT sales development programs.

Our Big Data Team uses world class internet technologies including Big Data Analytics & Predictive Analysis to search internet sites, blogs and other social media platforms. They track web behaviors, social media profiles, press releases, IT event attendees, tech subscriptions, career publishings, resume data banks, IT case studies etc.

Our Primary Research Team does research, verify, and create content through internet, web search engines, email campaigns, and phone calls for all information needed in a company such as IT installation details & IT contacts. The primary research team also conducts monthly e-news letter campaigns of topics covering latest trends, innovations and bast practices in IT to 3 million+ IT executives from over 50 countries.

Our Secondary Research Team uses our sales research capabilities to gain insight and verify primary intelligence gathered on accounts by focusing on specific technology, geography, size and vertical. Our secondary researchers further discover and verifies: decision makers of specific IT solutions and services, IT budget, Pain points associated with current technology installs, Upcoming technology strategy and project road maps, Existing technology partnerships and contract dates, System status and expiry dates, Competitive intelligence, Technology decision making process etc. They also attend Technology seminars, IT conferences, Technology & Industry specific Summits etc to network with key IT decision makers, interview them and build / update our data sets.

Our Quality Analyst Team further analyze the data to ensure data is formatted as per C360 standard templates and customer requests. They execute email blasts and phone calls to validate information captured, to complete the data verification process. QA team also identifies Opt-out contacts of emails and phone numbers, red flag them ensuring data usage compliance visibility. The data is then published to our customers with the highest level of accuracy.

Our Customer Council team members meet with all our existing customers monthly to gather feedback, understand changing marketing needs to constantly improvise our data intelligence. They also participate in global tech conferences to connect with IT executives.  The team also publishes monthly white papers of topics covering latest trends, innovations in IT to 3 million+ IT executive subscribers from over 50 countries.

Predictive Analytics: Based on all the layers of data sets collected, our Predictive Analytics engine further analyse the data with hundreds of lead attributes to identify patterns, sales ready leads and lead scoring.

Corporate360 sales intelligence data is solely our proprietary information developed through 12+yrs of research work and has no direct or indirect contractual obligation on data protection & distribution agreement with any third party whatsoever. C360 does not collect data from any other data providers. We do not resell third party data.

  • What is C360 business model?
  • Where are C360 offices?
  • How big is C360 team?
  • Who are C360 customers?

Corporate360 is a leading IT sales information company. By far, we offer the world’s largest IT installed-base and competitive intelligence data sets. C360 offers an integrated IT marketing data platform through Data-as-a-Service model named Tech SalesCloud.

C360 offers a modern marketing intelligence platform for IT Marketers. Powered by Big Data Analytics, Predictive Analysis, Patterns & IT Sales research, Tech SalesCloud offers sales-ready campaign data for technology marketing teams. SalesCloud features include IT contacts, IT Org charts, IT installation details, Lead Score, Upsell-Cross sell indicators and Sales leads. The data platform is offered as a subscription service with real-time data refresh and on-going data maintenance support. C360 Tech SalesCloud complements and enriches CRM and marketing automation tools.

C360 is head quartered in Singapore with global offices in SFO, Pennsylvania, Liverpool, Manila & India. C360 has 70+ employees globally.

C360 customers include global IT companies such as SAP, Oracle, EMC, HP, NetApp, Google, Dell, CSC etc.



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