Consumers are becoming more conscious about the source of their products when they buy, but what about corporations?

These days, it’s not simply enough to run a business for profit, it’s vital corporations enact a social aspect to their business too. Social enterprise isn’t simply a bunch of buzz words – it’s a new business model that’s here to stay.

And social enterprise is a business model Corporate360 is a big believer in. We believe change begins with a single small step, but if we make these steps together then we can help improve people’s lives.

Implementing change starts with our employees

At Corporate360, empowering our employees is vital. We believe in hiring vulnerable people in society to help give them better opportunities and lift them out of poverty. Which is why Corporate360 employs women, youth, the disabled and those from low-income backgrounds. By empowering these groups in our society through our SmartWorker program, we can give them a brighter future.

By training these colleagues in simple digital data tasks, they learn a new skill and begin to earn their own income, which in turn empowers them and gives them a new lease on life.

Brightening up the school year

But the social entrepreneurship from Corporate360 doesn’t end at our employees. We also believe we need to make an impact on the everyday lives of those who live around us. And what better way to start than with children?

At the beginning of each year, Corporate360 travels to rural villages in Kerala to assist school children in need. And this year was no exception. With the school year beginning last month, our team visited these villages, distributing books, lunch boxes, umbrellas, geometry kits, uniforms and school bags to more than 200 students.

Attending government schools, these children are from a disadvantaged backgrounds where their parents often work for a small daily wage in manual labour-based jobs. By equipping these children with school essentials, we hope to prepare them for their studies so they can kick off their school year by feeling good about themselves.

Because the beginning of the school year coincides with the monsoon season, we decided to keep the children dry by offering the students a multi-coloured umbrella for them to shelter under when they walk to school each day.


Some of these school children no longer have to walk long distances just to get an education – just last year we donated a school bus to the region and employed a driver to ferry pupils to and from school. We were happy to go back and see it being put to good use.


Bringing social change to local communities

The work with these students shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who already understand Corporate360’s vision. Through our Kerala-based NGO, we have already donated more than $25,000 back to communities in need.

Led by our founder, Varun Chandran, last year we purchased an ambulance and full time driver to help deliver much needed free emergency health care and travel assistance for sick villagers.


Coporate360 also helped house the homeless by building new homes, and introduced a scholarship system to provide career guidance and financial assistance for students in need.


Every little helps and we hope by empowering people from our local community who need it most, we can help change lives and create brighter futures.

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