Big Data plays an important role in today’s global business ecosystem. B2B marketers, in particular, rely on such data to gain actionable insights for conducting marketing and advertising campaigns. However, the method they opt for to collate external marketing lists and transactional data hardly ever fetches results.

This is because they get in touch with data vendors and list sellers who lure them into buying outdated and invalid information on a flat fee basis. Since marketers want their campaigns to be successful, they want to reach out maximum number of prospects.

But with this kind of inadequate data, they are not able to run timely campaigns – even if the content of the message is right. Even though internet has made online prospecting easier, accuracy and relevance of information still remain an issue.

Negative impacts of faulty data

Considerable amount of damage can happen when the lists purchased by B2B marketers are not up to the standard.

  • Deliverability of the campaigns is affected because the right prospects are not reached out to.
  • Most of the times, the emails sent out by marketers turn up in the Junk folder. This can bring them under the scanner of ESPs and other service providers who can blacklist the company and its domain.
  • The revenue growth falls due to repeated database purchases that don’t fetch high returns at all.

Way forward – Data-as-a-service cloud

Marketers are always in a conundrum to keep in touch with the fluid trends and utilize available data across the digital spectrum – which ensures impactful results and high ROIs. This is why there Data-as-a-Service cloud steps in.

A low cost, SaaS-based marketing data subscription model, it has been designed exclusively for B2B marketers. Data is accessible through an easy-to-use cloud application. The DaaS model has the following benefits:

  • Real-time and valid data about target prospects, which includes social profile and sales triggers.
  • Continuous maintenance support for data to achieve highly accurate information
  • Relevant consumer intelligence to conduct valuable (and timely) campaigns
  • Automated data mining to obtain actionable insights from large volumes of data

The best part is the marketers can avail the services at one third the cost of a flat fee data subscription. Want to increase customer retention  and achieve high ROI on marketing campaign investments? Connect with Corporate360 today!

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