Giving back to the community where we live, work and play is a pillar of Corporate360’s vision, purpose and values. It also reflects the heart and soul of our entire staff.

Corporate360 team, and volunteers spent the entire day visiting over 400 families in a rural village in Kerala, India meeting children who were growing up in a financially restricted environment. The livelihood of these families varied from a daily wage labor work to farming that led to earnings less than $10 a day.

Corporate360 is supporting the below programs in this rural village called Padam.

  • Ambulance service: The nearest hospital from the village is 20 miles away. The villagers don’t have any emergency transportation support for critical illness. Corporate360 ordered a new Ambulance vehicle to solve this problem. They also employed a driver and decided to provide free ambulance service for all the villagers.
corporate 360 donation van

Ambulance donated by Corporate360

  • Education support: Many kids from the village don’t go to school because they begin labor work at a young age to support their families. And several families don’t earn enough money to send their children for higher studies. The institution is handpicking good students from low-income families and will sponsor their education including getting admission in good schools, tuition fees, hostel charges & skill development.
corporate 360 donation laptop

Corporate360 donating a laptop – a helping hand

  • Building homes: A number of families in the village still live in sheds. In fact one of the families the group visited, was living in a makeshift shack with 2 kids. C360 team identified 5 such homeless families and has decided to build houses for them.


  • School Bus service: SKVLP School is the only public school in Padam village. Nearly 100 kids goes to this school for primary school education. Most of the children come from poor families. The kids walk to school every day, regardless of weather conditions. Some kids walk upto a mile to reach school. We solved that problem by donating a school bus to provide transportation service for school kids.
school bus

School Bus donated by Corporate360

Every year, during school opening season Corporate360 team distributes school kit for hundreds of students who are studying in government public schools in rural villages of Kerala. Each kit consists of school bag, 5 notebooks, geometry box, pencil, pen, lunch box & umbrella.

glen-2 - Copy

C360 team is promoting sports development in the village through football coaching camp. An expert sports coach is assigned to provide regular football training. Sports kits were issued to 40 youths from the village.

sports - Copy

“Social work begins at home. A good career, money, great life style and fame alone don’t define success. The definition of success is complete when you help others. It inspires my team to work harder to make a difference with our work. We hope to sustain this effort and do more,” says Varun, CEO of Corporate360.


Our team spent half day with visiting families in Padam village. Through our corporate social development programs, we are building homes for poor families and giving education scholarships to children.

If you have been thinking of going back and doing some good, don’t waste another minute on giving it a second thought. Small or big, a helpful gesture could do wonders for those who need it the most.

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